Chocolate and Chickpeas Around the Web

(… and in print, too!) As anyone who knows me personally will tell you, I’m a total introvert. A side effect of this is that it’s really hard to blow my own trumpet – possibly not so great for a freelancer! One of my mid-year resolutions is to have more self-belief and confidence in myContinue reading “Chocolate and Chickpeas Around the Web”

Anniversary Chickpea Flour Pancakes [VEGAN]

Recently, the Mr and I celebrated having spent fifteen years together. It’s been a meandering journey; full of laughter and tears, learning, music, travel, multiple homes, an amazing child, excitable kittens and – above all – growth. The great thing about finding each other so young is that we’ve navigated much of our adult livesContinue reading “Anniversary Chickpea Flour Pancakes [VEGAN]”

Redemptive Root Vegetable & Red Lentil Soup [VEGAN]

It’s a good while since I’ve updated. Between home renovations (hello, working bathroom!) and family commitments, I’ve struggled to find time to blog – even when I’ve really missed it. Recently though, I’ve been unwell for a couple of months and I feel very fortunate to be starting to recover now. Blogging has been aContinue reading “Redemptive Root Vegetable & Red Lentil Soup [VEGAN]”

Carrot and Apple Breakfast Muffins [VEGAN, SUGAR FREE)

The other half is admirably continuing to eschew processed sugar in the run-up to Easter. I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen, trying to come up with something he can take into work to stave off temptation when his colleagues raid the biscuit box. The current favourite is this carrot and apple muffin recipe. After eyeingContinue reading “Carrot and Apple Breakfast Muffins [VEGAN, SUGAR FREE)”

Slow Cooker Apple Sauce [VEGAN, SUGAR FREE]

I love my slow cooker. It’s the one kitchen gadget I truly wouldn’t be without – and that’s coming from a family who chose not to replace their expired microwave when it gave up the ghost! It’s pretty well-loved these days, especially since it was second-hand when we were given it – but it’s beenContinue reading “Slow Cooker Apple Sauce [VEGAN, SUGAR FREE]”

Three-Ingredient Dark Chocolate and Almond Mousse [VEGAN]

Impossibly light and airy, this is not the mousse to which I’ve become accustomed as a vegan. Wonderful as the heavy chocolate desserts based on coconut cream or avocado can be, it’s such a novelty to have a mousse that resembles those made with egg-whites. Not to mention it uses only three ingredients, one ofContinue reading “Three-Ingredient Dark Chocolate and Almond Mousse [VEGAN]”

Chocolate and Beetroot Tart [VEGAN]

I’ve always adored beetroot. Whether pickled in vinegar and added to salads or roasted with herbs and carrots – it has a beautiful, wholesome flavour and packs a punch with its vivid purple hue. Recently however, I’ve had a hankering to add it to a dessert (my favourite cakes often feature a hidden vegetable, usuallyContinue reading “Chocolate and Beetroot Tart [VEGAN]”

FREE Cookery Conversion Printables

Let me say it straight: I love maths. I have great respect for number-wranglers. Maths, however, does not love me. Despite my best efforts, something about the subject eludes my grasp and I’m probably better leaving well alone. And what exactly does that have to do with cookery? Well, if you’re baking meringues there’s aContinue reading “FREE Cookery Conversion Printables”

Spinach Pesto Cubes [VEGAN]

Despite careful menu planning, we always seem to have something lurking in the back of the fridge which is just about at the end of its life. On this occasion, half a bag of spinach was watching me woefully from behind the tomatoes every time I went to make a cup of tea. A littleContinue reading “Spinach Pesto Cubes [VEGAN]”