Three-Ingredient Dark Chocolate and Almond Mousse [VEGAN]

Impossibly light and airy, this is not the mousse to which I’ve become accustomed as a vegan. Wonderful as the heavy chocolate desserts based on coconut cream or avocado can be, it’s such a novelty to have a mousse that resembles those made with egg-whites. Not to mention it uses only three ingredients, one ofContinue reading “Three-Ingredient Dark Chocolate and Almond Mousse [VEGAN]”

Parsnip, Pear and Almond Soup [VEGAN]

This soup was an experiment in recreating a meal we ate in a wonderful vegetarian cafe in Manchester. I remembered the parsnip and pear soup so fondly that I’ve been meaning to try it for a few weeks, and some parsnips left over from last weekend’s roast gave the perfect opportunity. There’s probably a goldenContinue reading “Parsnip, Pear and Almond Soup [VEGAN]”