Double Chocolate and Peanut Butter Birthday Cake [VEGAN]

I love birthdays, especially other people’s! And what better excuse for a good wodge of dark, rich chocolate cake with decadent frosting? I never calorie count as it is, but I think we can all agree that a slice of birthday cake ought to be exempt. My mum always baked when I was growing upContinue reading “Double Chocolate and Peanut Butter Birthday Cake [VEGAN]”

Three-Ingredient Dark Chocolate and Almond Mousse [VEGAN]

Impossibly light and airy, this is not the mousse to which I’ve become accustomed as a vegan. Wonderful as the heavy chocolate desserts based on coconut cream or avocado can be, it’s such a novelty to have a mousse that resembles those made with egg-whites. Not to mention it uses only three ingredients, one ofContinue reading “Three-Ingredient Dark Chocolate and Almond Mousse [VEGAN]”

Chocolate and Beetroot Tart [VEGAN]

I’ve always adored beetroot. Whether pickled in vinegar and added to salads or roasted with herbs and carrots – it has a beautiful, wholesome flavour and packs a punch with its vivid purple hue. Recently however, I’ve had a hankering to add it to a dessert (my favourite cakes often feature a hidden vegetable, usuallyContinue reading “Chocolate and Beetroot Tart [VEGAN]”