Anniversary Chickpea Flour Pancakes [VEGAN]

Recently, the Mr and I celebrated having spent fifteen years together. It’s been a meandering journey; full of laughter and tears, learning, music, travel, multiple homes, an amazing child, excitable kittens and – above all – growth. The great thing about finding each other so young is that we’ve navigated much of our adult livesContinue reading “Anniversary Chickpea Flour Pancakes [VEGAN]”

Saturday Morning Pancakes [VEGAN]

If there’s a breakfast food which is requested with astonishing regularity in our household, it’s pancakes. Most Saturdays, before I’m even fully awake, a small person (and sometimes a larger person too!) has placed an order for their favourite start to the weekend. And how can I argue when they’re so simple to make? UsuallyContinue reading “Saturday Morning Pancakes [VEGAN]”