Anniversary Chickpea Flour Pancakes [VEGAN]

Recently, the Mr and I celebrated having spent fifteen years together. It’s been a meandering journey; full of laughter and tears, learning, music, travel, multiple homes, an amazing child, excitable kittens and – above all – growth. The great thing about finding each other so young is that we’ve navigated much of our adult livesContinue reading “Anniversary Chickpea Flour Pancakes [VEGAN]”

Spinach Pesto Cubes [VEGAN]

Despite careful menu planning, we always seem to have something lurking in the back of the fridge which is just about at the end of its life. On this occasion, half a bag of spinach was watching me woefully from behind the tomatoes every time I went to make a cup of tea. A littleContinue reading “Spinach Pesto Cubes [VEGAN]”