FREE Cookery Conversion Printables

Free Cookery Conversion Printables

Let me say it straight: I love maths. I have great respect for number-wranglers.

Maths, however, does not love me. Despite my best efforts, something about the subject eludes my grasp and I’m probably better leaving well alone.

And what exactly does that have to do with cookery? Well, if you’re baking meringues there’s a big difference between a gentle drying out at 220 degrees Fahrenheit and a terrifying incineration if you opt for Celcius instead. All too often I have to pause, mid recipe, to parse out the correct temperature or swap from pounds into grams.

Interesting side note – do you know why pounds are abbreviated to lb? At first glance it looks like it makes no sense but it comes from the Latin word libra, meaning ‘balance’. The ancient Romans used a standardised measure of weight called the libra which was broken down into twelve unciae (or ounces!).

“What have the Romans ever done for us?” Well, weights and measurements, apparently.

Anyhow, my mathematics brain being rather less than agile, it’s irritating to have to stop cooking to check conversions for the thousandth time… so I made some printable cheat-sheets to pin inside our kitchen cupboards. One for liquid measurements, one for weights and one for temperatures – hopefully now I can avoid any awkward pauses and embarrassing slip-ups.

And if you fancy a copy, they’re free to download here! All the files are in pdf format and ready to print at A5 size, just right for a quick peek when the need strikes.



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