Carrot and Apple Breakfast Muffins [VEGAN, SUGAR FREE)

The other half is admirably continuing to eschew processed sugar in the run-up to Easter. I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen, trying to come up with something he can take into work to stave off temptation when his colleagues raid the biscuit box. The current favourite is this carrot and apple muffin recipe. After eyeingContinue reading “Carrot and Apple Breakfast Muffins [VEGAN, SUGAR FREE)”

Saturday Morning Pancakes [VEGAN]

If there’s a breakfast food which is requested with astonishing regularity in our household, it’s pancakes. Most Saturdays, before I’m even fully awake, a small person (and sometimes a larger person too!) has placed an order for their favourite start to the weekend. And how can I argue when they’re so simple to make? UsuallyContinue reading “Saturday Morning Pancakes [VEGAN]”